Friday, July 29, 2011

Algebra Puzzle Solution

3 pens = 12,
1 pen = 12÷3=4;

1 pen+2 guitars = 30,
2 guitars = 30-4=26
1 guitar = 26÷2=13;

1 pen+2 cars =18,
2 cars = 18-4=14
1 car = 14÷2=7

Monday, May 16, 2011

Maths Performance Task - Personal Reflection

(I) Role of Statistics in Real Life
In my opinion, statistics is collecting data, usually in large quantities, and analyzing them. Statistics can exist in many forms, from tables and graphs to charts. 
I have encountered statistics in the news. For example in the night news in Channel 5, when they are reporting something to do with numbers or statistics (e.g. Birth rate in Singapore), then sometimes they will use charts/graphs/tables to illustrate what they are reporting. In the newspaper, when they are reporting something to do with statistics (e.g the number of earthquakes in a region), then they will also use tables/charts/graphs to illustrate what they are reporting. I like the way that they represent their data as if I do not have enough time to read the whole article, then I can just look at the chart/graph/table and I will be able to understand what the news is about and what they are reporting. Statistics has also enabled me to understand the terms that they are using, like mean, median, mode, outlier etc. This will enable me to know what they are saying in the reports and grasp the gist of it if I am skimming through the report.
Statistics, however, are not always totally reliable. Some people might twist the data as they want to project a good image of (for example) the country. The data migt also be rounded off/estimated, like when they are reporting about (for example) the number of people that attended a donation drive, and they do not have the exact figures. Thus, we cannot always trust the statistics and must look at the context.

(II) Learning experience

We decided to analyze the data according to neighbourhood, so we spilt up the collection and grouping of the data. Then, we grouped and organized the data, and from there we created a pie chart to compare the punctuality of the buses on a whole. We also created other charts and graphs to analyze and compare the data collected. We used technology to communicate and send each other the work that we had done, as we were at home, and the others needed to information. 
I think that our group consisted of people with various strengths and weaknesses and that enabled us to work together and succeed. Our group did not have any quarrels or arguments, and all the group members were able to work together amicably. We also spilt up the work evenly, ensuring that all the group members contributed to the task and no one did less than what was expected of him. I think that one major thing that enabled us to work together and not quarrel or argue was that everyone did their part, so no one complained about the others doing less.
I was the leader or the group, albeit a but unwillingly, so I helped to delegate the tasks to the various group members. I also helped to gather and the data from the neighbourhood that I was supposed to collect data from. I also helped to analyze the data on a whole, infer from the data, and draw the conclusions from my inferences and the data.
Some of the challenges that I faced while doing the project was that there was not enough time given to complete the task. We were given the performance task much later than some of the other classes, and although the date for submission was extended by 2 days, I still found that we had to rush through some parts of the project and were not able to be as thorough as we would have liked to.
If I had a similar project in the future, I would try to be more focused on the task, as we mostly did our work and data collection in the class, during the Maths and TCS periods, and the class made a fair but of noise. There were also quite a lot of distractions during the project, like wanting to give up, wanting to ‘slack’, but fortunately I did not succumb to the majority of them. I would try to block out all the other distractions if I was given another chance to do this project, or if I was given another project similar to this one.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

CE Reflections

I have learnt that..
1) Everyone is unique, they have their own strengths and weakness
2) In this community where everyone is different (race, religion, skin colour, beliefs), it is vital to embrace each other and accept them for who they are, for the community to stay together
3) Even though people are unique, they still have their similarities.

I enjoyed...
1) The activities
2) The 'embracing' part

I think that differences and diversity can be useful to our society as when we are in a crisis, different people will have different reactions, and some of them might be beneficial to the others. Diversity will also ensure that the Earth is not too boring.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chap 2: Real Numbers - Rational Numbers

I don't agree with what Janice has said. 23/6 and 6/6 are not recurring decimals. 3/6 is equal to 1/2 which is 0.5, while 6/6 is equal to 1/1, which is 1.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reflections on CNY hamper

We were tasked with making a hamper for the elderly for Chinese New Year. I think that we were tasked with this job to show our care and love for these elderly people, and also tho make their Chinese New Year a brighter one. We made a hamper containing some daily necessities.

We have affected the lives of the elderly people by sending this hamper to them for Chinese New Year. This hamper would help them out in their daily life, especially if they have finacial problems and their other family members are not supporting them finacialy. They would also feel touched by the hamper as they might be very lonely, with no one to show them love or care for them.

We could go the extra mile for them by visiting them at the old folks home of at their homes. They might have been abandoned by their other family members, and with no one to show their care and love to these elderly people, they would feel very lonely. They might also have a lot of budens or worries that they want to share with others, but cannot find anyone to listen to them. We could lend them a listening ear for them to share their thoughts with us, and maybe even sympathise with them.

Through this exercise, I have realised how important it is to treasure our grandparents, as they might leave this world anytime now. They have done a lot for us and I think the least we can do is to show our care and appreciation for them. I will definitely treasure and respect my grandparents, for I do not know how long I will have them...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Post Orientation Reflections

A few highlights of the Orientation and the last 2 weeks was the Orientation campfire, the high elements and the bonding sessions with my classmates. The campfire was very fun with all the cheers and the electric atmosphere. The high elements helped me to conquer my doubt about myself and gave me a renewed confidence. The bonding sessions with my classmates helped me to get to know my classmates better and their personalities, in addition to helping me to make new friends.

I did not have much 'lows' during the Orientation except for the occasions when I quarrelled with my classmates or friends.

I have learnt much from the Orientation and the last 2 weeks. I leant about the 3Rs, Roles, Rights and Responsibilities, and how it applies to me. For example, my role in the school as a student and as a child/sibling at home. My rights are what I am entitled to, like the respect of others when I am sharing my opinions/views in class. My responsibilities as a student include completing and submitting my homework on time, coming to school punctually etc.

I have also learnt more about myself and my classmates especially during the heart-to-heart talk during the Orientation camp. As long as I put my all into what I do, I can succeed. If there is something that I am not sure I can do, why not just try it? Even if I fail, I will have the satisfaction of having tried it.

My hopes and aspirations for 2011 are that I can make new friends, achieve good results for all my exams/tests, help my classmates who are weaker to try and excel, establish a good relationship with both my teachers and classmates, and hopefully even the principal and vice-principal. I also hope to learn from all my teachers and improve my weaker subjects, especially Chinese.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Communication (English HW 12/1/2011)

Communication is important because we use it everyday to talk to people, tell people what we think, voice our opinions etc.
My favorite forms of communication are: verbal(it is the easiest way to communicate with someone who is nearby/over the telephone), eye signals(I can convey a message without taking), texting(I can tell someone something who might be busy but I don’t have to disturb him/her, and it’s also fast and convenient) and online communication(I can talk to people around the globe without having to pay a cent, except for the electricity bill).
I decide the form of communication that I want to use by accessing the situation and then deciding. For example, if I want to talk to someone who is in USA, but I do not want to call him as the phone bill as it is very expensive, I can use Skype, MSN, Facebook etc. to chat, talk with him(online communication). 
When I communicate with others, some of the difficulties that I face are
-If the person is old, he/she might have some problems hearing what I say if I talk to softly
-If I am chatting online, and I use some short forms, he/she might not understand what I mean
-If I talk too fast, he/she might not be able to catch what I am saying.
-If the person is a Malay/Indian/Eurasian, and I use Chinese to talk to him/her, he/she will not be able to understand what I am talking about.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of day Reflection (5/1/2011)

Tower Building (5/1/2011)

Tower building

-The tower that we built had 3 paper cups, built in the form of a tripod, as its base. 

-It was built in the shape of a pyramid, with straws forming the sides. 

-The cup at the top was for holding the marbles. 

My contributions

-I helped to give ideas on how to build      
the tower, the structure, the base etc.
-I helped in the building process.
-I gave ideas on how to solve the various problems that cropped up along the way.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

Today, I did many different things. Some of the more important ones were: the 'icebreaker' games, learning the school cheers, the dance, our lesson on the 3Rs (very important) and our lesson on the Macbook (Mac Attack).

I learnt various things today, namely the cheers, dance, the 3Rs (Roles, Rights and Responsibilities), what we should use our Macbook for etc.

I have a few reasons why I came to SST.
1. I like applied learning and I think that hands-on activities would help me to learn better.
2. SST is not too far from my house, so I don't need to spend so much time traveling.
3. 3 of my friends from my Primary School also came to SST (not so important)

As a member of the SST family, I hope to:
- Contribute to SST (through CCA and studies)
- Establish SST as a good school
- Achieve good results

I have learnt about the 3Rs (as mentioned earlier), and I feel that we can integrate them into our lives.
We must fulfill our roles in the school as students, at as children/siblings at home.
We hav our rights and our freedom- we can do what we like as long as it is not bad/against the law/breaking the school rules etc.
I have also learnt how to be safe online as well as offline, and the measures that I must take to keep my Macbook safe from viruses/theft.

I think that this picture represents my feelings about roles.
This picture depicts pupils listening attentively to the teacher, fulfilling their role as students.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Directions to SST

1. I will have to walk to after Westwood ave. ( 4 mins ) 
 -Head north on Jurong West St. 74  towards Jurong West St. 24
 -Turn right at Jurong West Ave 5.

2. Take bus no. 185 towards blk 46 (30 mins, 15 stops )

3. Walk to SST ( 7 mins )

Total time: about 41 mins

Monday, December 27, 2010

Creating this blog...

Creating this blog was a breeze for me as this was the 3rd time I had created a blog. Because the steps that were given were clear and easy to follow, creating this blog was no problem.

I feel that blogging can be a good way to discuss things and share our opinions. As the teacher may not have enough time to listen to all the students opinions, so he/she can view them from the blog. The other students can also see their fellow classmates' point of view. As long as we know how to use the blog properly, and follow the netiquette of the cyber world, blogging will be an indispensable tool to use. 


I was SHOCKED, relieved and exhilarated when I received the awesome news that I was accepted in SST. I was extremely surprised that I managed to get in as about 1000 students took the DSA test, and only 200 could get in.