Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Communication (English HW 12/1/2011)

Communication is important because we use it everyday to talk to people, tell people what we think, voice our opinions etc.
My favorite forms of communication are: verbal(it is the easiest way to communicate with someone who is nearby/over the telephone), eye signals(I can convey a message without taking), texting(I can tell someone something who might be busy but I don’t have to disturb him/her, and it’s also fast and convenient) and online communication(I can talk to people around the globe without having to pay a cent, except for the electricity bill).
I decide the form of communication that I want to use by accessing the situation and then deciding. For example, if I want to talk to someone who is in USA, but I do not want to call him as the phone bill as it is very expensive, I can use Skype, MSN, Facebook etc. to chat, talk with him(online communication). 
When I communicate with others, some of the difficulties that I face are
-If the person is old, he/she might have some problems hearing what I say if I talk to softly
-If I am chatting online, and I use some short forms, he/she might not understand what I mean
-If I talk too fast, he/she might not be able to catch what I am saying.
-If the person is a Malay/Indian/Eurasian, and I use Chinese to talk to him/her, he/she will not be able to understand what I am talking about.

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