Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

Today, I did many different things. Some of the more important ones were: the 'icebreaker' games, learning the school cheers, the dance, our lesson on the 3Rs (very important) and our lesson on the Macbook (Mac Attack).

I learnt various things today, namely the cheers, dance, the 3Rs (Roles, Rights and Responsibilities), what we should use our Macbook for etc.

I have a few reasons why I came to SST.
1. I like applied learning and I think that hands-on activities would help me to learn better.
2. SST is not too far from my house, so I don't need to spend so much time traveling.
3. 3 of my friends from my Primary School also came to SST (not so important)

As a member of the SST family, I hope to:
- Contribute to SST (through CCA and studies)
- Establish SST as a good school
- Achieve good results

I have learnt about the 3Rs (as mentioned earlier), and I feel that we can integrate them into our lives.
We must fulfill our roles in the school as students, at as children/siblings at home.
We hav our rights and our freedom- we can do what we like as long as it is not bad/against the law/breaking the school rules etc.
I have also learnt how to be safe online as well as offline, and the measures that I must take to keep my Macbook safe from viruses/theft.

I think that this picture represents my feelings about roles.
This picture depicts pupils listening attentively to the teacher, fulfilling their role as students.

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