Friday, February 11, 2011

Reflections on CNY hamper

We were tasked with making a hamper for the elderly for Chinese New Year. I think that we were tasked with this job to show our care and love for these elderly people, and also tho make their Chinese New Year a brighter one. We made a hamper containing some daily necessities.

We have affected the lives of the elderly people by sending this hamper to them for Chinese New Year. This hamper would help them out in their daily life, especially if they have finacial problems and their other family members are not supporting them finacialy. They would also feel touched by the hamper as they might be very lonely, with no one to show them love or care for them.

We could go the extra mile for them by visiting them at the old folks home of at their homes. They might have been abandoned by their other family members, and with no one to show their care and love to these elderly people, they would feel very lonely. They might also have a lot of budens or worries that they want to share with others, but cannot find anyone to listen to them. We could lend them a listening ear for them to share their thoughts with us, and maybe even sympathise with them.

Through this exercise, I have realised how important it is to treasure our grandparents, as they might leave this world anytime now. They have done a lot for us and I think the least we can do is to show our care and appreciation for them. I will definitely treasure and respect my grandparents, for I do not know how long I will have them...

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