Monday, December 27, 2010

Creating this blog...

Creating this blog was a breeze for me as this was the 3rd time I had created a blog. Because the steps that were given were clear and easy to follow, creating this blog was no problem.

I feel that blogging can be a good way to discuss things and share our opinions. As the teacher may not have enough time to listen to all the students opinions, so he/she can view them from the blog. The other students can also see their fellow classmates' point of view. As long as we know how to use the blog properly, and follow the netiquette of the cyber world, blogging will be an indispensable tool to use. 


I was SHOCKED, relieved and exhilarated when I received the awesome news that I was accepted in SST. I was extremely surprised that I managed to get in as about 1000 students took the DSA test, and only 200 could get in.